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Littlecoates Primary Academy, Grimsby

Littlecoates Primary AcademyAlec is Patron of Reading for Littlecoates Primary Academy, Grimsby.

Alec met Littlecoates staff on 25th September 2019 to plan this exciting venture. The picture below shows Alec with (L–R) Sue Howes, the school’s ‘Story Champion’; Yvonne Hall, Year 6 teacher and literacy lead; and Head Teacher Neville Wilkinson. It was agreed to invite Alec once a term, and the group discussed some of the ways in which his two-year appointment could help the school encourage children to enjoy stories and poems more; to read for pleasure; and to widen their vocabulary. It’s hoped that teachers and children will keep contact with Alec between visits, to exchange ideas about stories and poems, and keep up the profile of reading for pleasure throughout the year. The project will also help teachers to keep abreast of children’s books, and will include a newsletter to parents.

Alec with staff from Littlecoates Primary Academy in September 2019

Alec, who’ll be the school’s ‘Reading Friend’, began the project by visiting on 30th September 2019 to mark National Poetry Day – and he’ll be back at Littlecoates on Wednesday 4th March 2020 to add to the World Book Day celebrations!

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